Winter Snow Removal – We enjoy clearing the way!

My Property Maintenance — offers 24/7 professional snow clearing and removal services Let us clear the way for a safe walk or drive for you and your customers! Residential and Commercial services -Residential driveways and all walkways -Overnight parking lot snow clearing -Store fronts -Parking lot sanding -Acreage driveways -Snow Removal For a same day quote!

Prepare Your House and Yard for Winter

We spend our time and energy, so you don’t have to spend yours.  Meet with our estimator, Chase, on site and he can provide you with an estimate for seasonal or year-round work. Save money by combining services like Christmas light removal and gutter cleaning.  If we are booked up, we’ll find you a contractor to complete the job. Our goal is to be the only number you need to dial, when it comes to the upkeep and maintenance of your properties.

Driveway Snow Clearing

Before & After

Commercial parking lot

Snow Removal


General Parking Lot Maintenance

Your customers get their first impression of your business when they arrive in your parking lot, so you want it to look good. My Property Maintenance offers professional servicing to make your business (or home) look its best. We do street sweeping, lot detailing, and clearing away the dirt, litter and leaves that accumulate on sidewalks and around buildings.

Roof Inspections, Heat Tracing and Snow Rake

We know the dangers of ice and snow underfoot, what about overhead ice and snow danger? It is important to have your roof inspected before the cold weather arrives. Prevent damage to your roof with heat cables that stop ice dams and water buildup on your roof. Snow Rakes keep people and property below safe from avalanches off the roof.

Snow and Driveway

Any property clearing, snow removal, ice control, Christmas light installs.

Snow Contract: Monthly Automatic (snow fall trigger amounts 5cm, etc.), One Time

Our Guarantee

We will ensure your properties are maintained to our very high standards, and that we will maintain open lines of communication with you throughout the course of our agreement.

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